About Phillip Business Community

Who we are:

The Phillip Business Community Incorporated (known as the PBC) was established by Business Operators and Employees of businesses trading in the Phillip Business District. The district is bounded by Hindmarsh Drive, Athllon Drive and Melrose Drive, Phillip.

Membership to the PBC is open to anyone who works in, or provides a service to, the Phillip Business District.

Our Story:

The aim of the PBC is to provide a forum through which local business owners, managers’ and key staff will be able to connect and build beneficial relationships.

Good communication is one of the key elements of a thriving community and that is why we have designed this website, to be followed by our regular newsletters and emails to keep all members informed and up to date with what is happening in the Phillip Business Community.

We began with a small group of business operators who wanted to make a difference in Phillip. We are now an Incorporated Community Association dedicated to facilitating the needs and wants of the Phillip Business Community.

As a collective we have more chance of influencing Government decisions that affect our Community. Together we can achieve so much more.  Our slogan is: “Working Together to Give More!”

One Voice for Better Outcomes

 Our Mission:

  • To provide opportunities for our members to connect with each other to network and grow their businesses.
  • To encourage members and guests to support each other and build relationships that will enhance the Community.
  • To facilitate gatherings and events that educate and entertain members.
  • To provide knowledge and information to businesses in the Phillip Business District.
  • To advocate on behalf of the needs of the Phillip Business Community.

How can the PBC help your Business?

The PBC commits to building opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Advocacy
  • Networking in a spirit of cooperation
  • Facilitating regular events – or hold your own event
  • Participating in community projects
  • Gaining up-to-date knowledge and information
  • Promoting your business on the PBC website and social media pages
  • Increasing your social media presence
  • Advertising discounts and events
  • Introduce training to help your business thrive not just survive

Our Values:

  • To be honest and non-judgemental
  • To be non-threatening
  • To create a nurturing environment
  • To maintain equality and integrity
  • To respect each other’s point of view
  • To be in pursuit of excellence

Support an organisation that is focused on improving opportunities for Business Owners, Operators, Employees, Landlords who have invested in Phillip.

APHILLIP phillip business community About Phillip Business Community APHILLIPPhillip is a Suburb of Canberra gazetted on the 12th May, 1966 and named after Admiral Arthur Phillip. He was a Royal Navy officer, the first Governor of New South Wales and founder of the British penal colony that later became the city of Sydney, Australia.

Steadfast in mind, modest, without self-seeking, Phillip had imagination enough to conceive what the settlement might become, and common sense to realise what at the moment was possible and expedient. When almost everyone was complaining he never himself complained when all feared disaster he could still hopefully go on with his work. He was sent out to found a convict settlement, he laid the foundations of a great dominion.[44]

A number of places in Australia bear Phillip’s name, including Port Phillip, Phillip Island (Victoria), Phillip Island, the federal electorate of Phillip (1949–1993), the suburb of Phillip in Canberra, the Governor Phillip Tower building in Sydney, and many streets, parks and schools including a state high school in Parramatta.